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Grant Criteria

If you are thinking of applying for a grant, please read these criteria carefully. By law the Trustees can only make grants in accordance with their Trust Deed. Applications not meeting these criteria cannot be considered.

The conditions which any application has to satisfy are:
  • Grants can only be made for the benefit of children and young persons under the age of 25.
  • Grants can only be made for the benefit of children and young persons who have serious emotional and behavioural problems. Cases of medical need or social deprivation have to be excluded, however deserving.
  • Grants can only be made for education or training, or for making it possible to access education or training.
In addition, the Trustees have to satisfy themselves that any grant will be properly spent, and provide the most benefit for the most children. For these reasons the Trustees have decided to impose other conditions:
  • Grants will be made to organisations and not to individuals.
  • Grants will be made to projects based in the South-East, as the present trustees will then be able to visit and inspect projects. For this purpose, the South-East is defined as East Anglia, London and Home Counties west to Hampshire.
  • Grants are made where there is direct benefit to children; research projects are not normally considered.
  • The Trustees prefer to provide grants for equipment or buildings rather than for salaries, although realising that much work with disturbed children is labour-intensive.
  • In the present financial situation in which their income is liable to fluctuate, the Trustees can only commit themselves to make grants for a year at a time.
  • Applicants must, after spending any grant, provide a written report and accounts to show how the money has been spent. A trustee will also try to visit the project while it is in progress.
Grants have generally been in the range 1000 - 5000. The Trustees hold meetings twice yearly, in early March and early October. Applications should reach the Clerk to the Trustees at the beginning of the previous month to be sure of being considered.

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